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How to utilize online tools for home loan calculations?

A home loan will require careful consideration and scrutiny, before it can be considered and applied for. As a loan applicator, you will require to do considerable research and compare the different offers before you choose the right loan. Even if you make a single miscalculation you will end up

How Much Home Loan Emi Can You Afford?

This question really haunts most of the middle-class home loan borrowers. They want to buy their dream home. But, it does not seem that easy. Well, repaying every home loan EMI may not be easy. But, calculating monthly home loan EMI is simple and quick. Here is how you do

Are You Making The Best Use Of Your Housing Loan EMI Calculator?

A lot of borrowers know all about the home loan EMI calculators in India. They use them when they are looking for a home loan. However, sometimes, it is different from making the best use possible. The online home loan calculator is just a tool. If you don’t use it

5 Common Faults To Avoid When Using The Home Loan EMI Calculator In India

A lot of people either visit a bank’s or a housing loan company’s website to use their home loan calculator in India . You cannot overstate the importance of avoiding the typical mistakes. Enter wrong principal amount If you fail to include the ancillary costs, you are not entering the

What Is A Housing Loan EMI Calculator?

While it may look simple at the base formula level, home loan EMI calculations are in fact quite complicated. This is because borrowers will need to calculate their EMI again and again based on the loan variables that change with each factor and financial partner. Keeping this in mind, many